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Customer experience fails to meet expectations.

Our why &

Founding story

Customer experience is crucial to business growth, especially in the service industry. But as professionals try to balance all the needs of their business, providing clear, consistent communication to customers can often be forgotten.

Poor customer experiences can be devastating to a company’s reputation and potential growth. When businesses don’t meet expectations, customers often feel confused, disappointed, and frustrated. As a result, businesses miss out on repeat customers, referrals, and may receive negative reviews that prevent others from using their services.

Relay offers an easy, elegant solution for a fast-paced world. We understand the challenges of growing a business, which is why Relay's One-Tap Customer Experience™ platform simplifies communication between service professionals and their customers.

Our CEO, Justin Clegg, encounters these challenge almost daily when interacting with local service businesses. Seeing an opportunity to bridge the gap between customers and service businesses, Justin created Relay, a software that creates a mutually positive experience for each of them.

As a seasoned entrepreneurial product leader, Justin is passionate about emerging tech. His extensive background includes leading product and growth initiatives for several Silicon Valley-based Fortune 500 companies, venture-backed startups, and startup studios focusing on vertical software and conversational AI.

World-class Investors

Top venture capital firms, including Foundation Capital, Mucker, Pear, Alumni Ventures Group, Noveus as well as exceptional individuals, have invested in Relay.


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I already have scheduling, field service management or CRM software?

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Great! Relay is a customer experience platform that works seamlessly with your existing scheduling, field service management and CRM software. We're building a growing list of integrations that will connect to the software you're using today with a few clicks. Relay offers modern iOS and Android apps that are simple to install and a Web app that is easy to use.

How does Relay work?

Relay is a One Tap Customer Experience™ platform that brings all of your customer communication, scheduling and interactions into one simple and easy to use platform. With one tap, Relay gives your team and your customers the ability to share helpful information before, during and after the appointment. Relay was built to save your time and help you keep customers for life.

How easy is it to get set up?

Very! Because we do it with you. Immediately after signing up, your Onboarding Specialist will reach out to help you create your one touch tiles, pre-written messages, team member accounts, and more. After that, we'll train you and your team before going live and celebrating your first one tap message! 

Does Relay offer support in case I need help?

We're a customer-first team. If you have feedback or are experiencing issues with Relay or notice something isn't working as intended, please drop us a line at Our support team is growing and here to help.

How can I submit a referral?

We love referrals here at relay. If you would like to submit referral you can do so by clicking here. We really appreciate every referral we get. Thank You!

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